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We organize conferences, workshops, colloquiums, and reading groups, and accept researchers and graduate students, to do researches at Soochow University.

The opening of Ricoeur Research Center:

Since Feb. 24, 2015, Ricoeur Research Center in Dept. of Philosophy, Soochow University, Taiwan is offcially open. We organize reading groups, workshops, conferences, and also activities for scholars' short term visiting on Ricoeurian studies. For information, please contact us.

Soochow University, Taiwan is located in Taipei, with walking distance to National Palace Museum, near Shilin MRT (Taipei subway). For more informations, please check our web.

Ricoeur Research Center:

Contact: Dr. Cristal Huang




Reading After Ricoeur

ISBN: 978-986-6568-69-5




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Ouverture de Centre de recherches ricoeuriennes, Département de philosophie, Université soochow, Taïwan.

Depuis le 24, Février, 2015, le centre commence à Taïwan, nous organisons des activités sur les recherches ricoeuriennes en groups de lire, workshops entre écrivants et spectacles, colloques, et les visits de rechercheurs pour des visits à Taïwan.

Université soochow est très proche du musé national de palace à Taïwan. Aussi très proche de métro de Taïpeï.

Centre de recherches ricoeuriennes:

Pour les informations, contactez Dr. Cristal Huang:


Visiters need to arrange traveling, accommodations during the staying at Soochow University, Department of Philosophy may assist to apply in campus flats.

In campus accommodation:

For more information on visiting at our center:

please contact executive organizer, Dr. Cristal Huang



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International Workshop


Reading After Ricoeur


Nov. 16-17, 2015

Soochow University, Taiwan


Ricoeur Research Center, Department of Philosophy, Soochow University 


Authorized by:

The Society for Ricoeur Studies

Fonds Ricoeur



Fondation Sino-Française Pour l'Éducation et la Culture








The workshop is designed to introduce international scholars on Ricoeur Studies to meet audience in Taiwan.


4 Authors with 4 books VS Researchers in Taiwan:


Morny Joy (University of Calgary, Canada),

Paul Ricoeur and Narrative--Context and Contestation


George H. Taylor (University of Pittburgh, USA),

Gadamer and Ricoeur


Roger W. H. Savage (UCLA, USA),

Hermeneutics and Music Criticism


Boyd Blundell (President of The Society for Ricoeur Studies),

Paul Ricoeur between Philosophy and Theology--Detour and Return



Paul Ricoeur,黃筱慧 (Cristal Huang) 譯,Sur la traduction、Richard Kearney, On Translation, "Introduction",

論翻譯  (台北市:書林出版社,已完成授權,預計2015出版)。













Pre-reading Group:






黃筱慧主編,追隨閱讀呂格爾  (本次活動訪問學者之論文中文翻譯),台灣學者譯者群:陳妙芬、陳界華、廖柏州、李惠美、黃筱慧等,(預計2015年出版。)

Cristal Huang (Edited), (Visiting scholar' articles to be translated by scholars in Taiwan, opening in the Workshop on: Reading After Ricoeur, (Taipei: Ricoeur Research Center, Soochow University, in coming in 2015)


Exhibition: Books of visiting scholars and Ricoeur's books By The Bookman Ltd. in the Workshop on Nov. 16, 2015.




Past activities in 2015:

May 9, 2015

Welcome to join:

Emptiness, Metaphor, and Interpretation: The Dialogue between Paul Ricoeur's Hermeneutics and Buddhism

National Normal University, Taiwan

Contact: Dr. Cristal Huang at:


Newest activities since 2017~



World Congress of Philosophy, 2018 in Beijing: Round Table on Paul Ricœur and Practical Wisdom in Our Age

has been accepted.



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