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@@Continuing Soochow University's tradition of devotion to education for more than a century, the Soochow Center for Teaching and Learning was established with the goals of enhancing teaching quality and achieving the presence and atmosphere of a first-class teaching university by integrating existing resources and infusing extra manpower and funds. Based on this idea, the Center considers curriculum planning, teaching methods and strategies, and teaching evaluations as the three sides of an equilateral triangle, with the spirit of the "Five Knowledges" (knowledge, common sense, sophistication, courage, and appreciation) as promoted by Dr. Liu Chao-Shiuan, President of Soochow University, contained within, creating an innovative and visionary university of the future.
@@The Center for Teaching and Learning was the first such center established in 2005 with the goal to provide centralized teaching resources for teachers and students amongst Taiwan universities, endorsed by the University-level Meeting and approved January 2006 by the Ministry of Education. With the spirit of innovation and breakthrough, the Center for Teaching and Learning strives to restructure the organization and wholeheartedly dedicates itself to increasing teachers' teaching effectiveness, establishing a student learning assistance system, rewarding the production of multimedia teaching materials and developing teaching evaluation systems. The Center also conducts research relating to "teaching and learning" in higher education. In addition, the Center created a "Teaching Excellence Web" under the Ministry of Education's Teaching Excellence Project, which facilitates Soochow University teachers' electronic services, such as online project applications, project expenditures approval, publishing of project results, and midterm and final project evaluation systems. In order to introduce the Center's services and latest information to faculty, students, and others, a "Teaching and Learning Web" was also created, which publishes a quarterly ePaper that serves as a forum to increase student-teacher interaction and to enhance experience sharing with outsiders.
@@The Center for Teaching and Learning possesses a fusion of tradition and modernity, from integrated resources to liberal innovation, with 'service', 'promotion', 'teaching' and 'research' as its goals. The Center, with its own responsibilities and with the expectations from others, will forge a unique 'Eiffel Tower' of education while concurrently promoting Soochow University as a first-class teaching university.